Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A couple of photos from Goddess Stream and Day Two on the Yangtze

Good evening, America.   It only took 1:15 to download this photo of the group, so I hope you think it is worth seeing!   Here is (almost all of) The Augustana Band at the end of the Goddess Stream, one of the lesser gorges off the Yangzte.   Today, we boarded by groups of 27 into little wooden motorboats and headed up this incredibly beautiful area.  Some of it is unihabited, some is barely habited and all of it is drop dead beautiful!   You may not be able to tell, but we are standing on a floating dock of sorts.  As we prepared to take the picture, it became apparent that there IS a limit to how much weight should be in one small area.......ha!  Anyway, to top it all off, we had sun and blue sky as we returned back up the gorge - some in the crowd even got a Chinese sunburn this afternoon!
All in all,  it seems everyone is enjoying this river cruise.   There are moments of adventure, fabulous sightseeing, great programming in the evenings and, perhaps most appreciated, some time to relax.  Our timing of this break could not have been better - everyone (leaders included) needed a break in the regular routine, and this is a great way to accomplish that need.

Here we are, Goddess Stream begins to the left and we need to head on upstream straight ahead.  Note the zig-zag pathway to the right....it leads to the top of Goddess Mountain.  I can't imagine anyone taking that route, but I'm told the local people do!

So much to share, so many wonderful photos.....but I promise they will come when we connect to the world a bit better.  But, we have to end with tonight's sunset.  INCREDIBLE.

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