Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Travel Day...Hello, Wuhan!

Bus 1 says "Goodbye" to our guide, Daisy at the Shanghai Train Station.
Good morning from Wuhan, China.   Wacky internet last night, so I'm up early this morning again to see if more bandwidth is available in the early hours.  Dr. Schilf's voice awakened me this morning at 5 a.m. as he is next door and is "skypeing" with a study hall at Brandon Valley High School... yes, the walls are quite thin at this hotel.  In fact, it's an interesting hotel all the way around. 

First car of high speed train.
We moved inland yesterday after spending a wonderful week in the Shanghai and Hangzhou areas.   Our mode of travel was the high-speed train which some refer to as the “bullet train.”  Here, you hear it more often referred to as the “G” train.

We departed the hotel around 8 and were on board the train at 10:15.  Within a few moments, the train hit speeds of approximately 160 mph and seemed to run on smooth-as-silk tracks.  China literally flew by as we ticked off cities we'd heard of during our travels - Nanjing, Suzhou and more.

Lunch on board was obtained in car 5 (the restaurant car).  Well, it wasn't really a "restaurant" but more like a diner.  No, not really a diner.....a window/counter from which tv tray type dinners popped out from behind a screen.  We each had either noodles with beef and vegetables or, hold on, rice with beef and vegetables.  Both were piping hot, and even stayed that way as we worked our way through four full train cars of people.  I think the Chinese must have had quite a show watching us in our blue/yellow coats tromping through the train carrying our lunches. 
They didn't indicate we looked funny.......but something tells me we did.  :-)

At 3:29 p.m., we arrived at Wuhan and buses took us to our hotel for the next few nights.  A fun day, but not one with lots of things to tell you about…….

Today,  a full day at Hubei University.  This will be a return visit for the Band.  The last time we were there we had a wonderful time - I expect the same this time around. 

Here's a bonus photo for you.  I'm not usually one to do photos of things like this, but sometimes one can simply not resist.  I guess this is what you'd call a "multi-taskers bathroom?"   Should be interesting this morning.....  :-) 

BTW, I've heard news this morning of an earthquake here in China.  Worry not - we felt nothing.  The area affected is thousands of miles from here in the southwest.  

Yesterday's weather:  heavy rain in the east, a nice day of about 50 degrees upon arrival in Wuhan.  Today is expected to be the mid-50's with sunshine.

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