Monday, January 19, 2015

Tuesday and all is well!

Greetings from the Yangzte River!

The internet is not very cooperative along the Three Gorges, so we are taking just one moment while we have a connection to let you know that:

1.  All is well.
2.  No one has fallen overboard.
3.  The scenery is AMAZING.
4.  The food is FABULOUS.
5.  The cabins are FUN.
6.  The company is SUBLIME.
7.  No one has fallen overboard.

Suffice to say, we are having a terrific time on the cruise and truly seeing some incredible sites.

Hang on unti we get to Xian and I will be happy to do a long blog, all about the river and our
time on it. 

Until then,

Cheers from The Augustana Band in China!

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