Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We're Shoppin' in the Rain.....!

Am having some fun with a camera feature.....this really IS us, just a "watercolor version thereof!
ED:  Sorry for the delay today - the first time this trip that the internet was not been accommodating to blog posts!  Looks like we're up and ready to go now, however.  Enjoy!

Today dawned and the early light gave way to clouds…..but breakfast never disappoints – still the same items we’ve come to love over the past few days, and no complaints there!

The Penningtons, Dr. Schilf and Peder Fedde '84
Today’s report will be a short one, as I’d like to spend the time posting some photos.  We visited the Yu Bazaar featuring old style buildings of the Yu Gardens – not really old, but their fanciful roofs are still appealing and trap one into thinking that you’ve stepped back in time.  Until you see the Starbucks and Dairy Queen signs that is.  

The shops in this complex peddle everything from soup to nuts, clothing to fake Rolex watches.  Well, actually, the purveyors of those fine goods meet you in the street and ask you to join them off premise…..  When you refuse to go with them, they ultimately come to you in the shadows, of course, and it makes the transaction seem all the more fun. Dr. Schilf was so proud of his $15 Rolex until an hour later when I procured him two more for $5 each.  A Rolex IS a Rolex.  And yes, they are real.  HA!

Christian De Jongh learns new moves streetside
We made a quick stop at the historic residence of Sun Yat Sen’s residence, had lunch and then headed to a nearby “water town” or “Old Town” named Zhouzhuang.  A mini Venice if you will, it is known for its canals, bridges and houses, all built during the Yuan and Qing eras.  We took little boats through the city and then walked back to the bus.  As it was raining quite hard at times, we appreciated the ponchos provided us by our guides!
On board the Ancient Town boat

Our best traffic jam followed – rain with rush hour traffic is quite fun here in the Shanghai area.  We made dinner about an hour later than planned, then canceled our plan to stop along the waterfront once again and headed back to the hotel to rest.  Or whatever 18 – 22 year-olds do with their free time.  

Tomorrow, we’re off to Wuhan on the high-speed train.  A six-hour journey.  But one we are looking forward to, as many students have never experienced rail travel.

Our weather today:  44 degrees and rain.

Enjoy these candid photos below!

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